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About Us


Hello ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! Step right up and see the dynamic duo in action!
... Sometimes.
Okay, so we're NOT Batman and Robin, but we ARE:

Stella (aka Regina) Cooper-Sparkles

Age: The age of my mind is about 25 ;)
Gender: Female!
Sexuality: Lesbian
Art Style: Writing.
Best Genre(s): Horror and Tragedy
Likes: Chocolate, Money, Writing, Talking, Gaming, Alt. rock music, and Sleeping
Dislikes: Darkness, Headaches, Heartbreak, Being Woken Up, and Being alone for long periods of time

Martha Arriaga

Age: Never ask a woman that!
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Art Style: Drawing
Best Genre(s): Romance
Likes: Chocolate, Going out, Drawing, and Stella
Dislikes: Mean people
We try to upload whenever we can! Please enjoy our art! :)
Our DA Family:
Our Adoptive Mommy: MissGela96
Our triplet: goodgirl237
Our AWESOME little sister: sebbyamericabro20
Our Pet: CrazyCreativeQurl87
Our Kitty: Blissthehedgehog
Our Cousin: Ghiralink123
Our Mistress: jashinfollower0001
Our Bubble Bop Boo: Wolf4821
Our Evil Twin: TeddyBaird
Our Pet Stephano: angelofdarkness1254
Our Pet Cat from HELL: firebeast09
Our CRAZY Neighbor: Jay2602
Our Demonic Pet Sister: Starflight707
Other accounts:
Ramen art on icon by: SaveOurCityTransman
Custom box background:…
I am a country girl. I also share this account with my girlfriend, and soon-to-be wife, Martha, who lives near me! We do art about YouTubers, Cartoon characters, and Anime couples. I'm not a good drawer, but I am an okay writer. I hope you enjoy what I have in my gallery. :D

People We Know In Real Life On dA

These are people we ACTUALLY know, so if we treat them differently or give them stuff for no reason, don't get mad!! They're really awesome people, though, so you should get to know them!! :D
Stella's Sister: :iconkrista-catastrophe:
I've known her longer than I've known myself... if that makes sense. :XD: -Stella
Stella's Best Friend: :iconeuphori-art:
She's an amazing friend who is someone I can argue with for an hour, and still be just like normal with the next minute. ~Stella
Martha and Stella's Friend: :icongoldenpelt360:
She's an amazing writer who loves anything that is fluffy or small. ~Stella
Our Black Friend: :iconmekamonster:
Don't worry; she's not offended by that title. :XD: She is an amazing friend, and someone who I trust more than I do a lot of others. ~Stella

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Just a rant... No need to read this~

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 12, 2014, 7:22 PM
  • Mood: Rant
  • Listening to: The hum of my computer
  • Reading: The letters on the screen
  • Watching: Words appear as I type
  • Playing: With your mind
  • Drinking: Coffee (It's only 9:21pm Curse my sleep schedule!)
Hey, noodles! This is Stella. :meow:
How has your spring break been/how was it? (If you had a spring break, that is. :XD:) Also, do you like the slightly irregular poll questions? Should we keep doing that?
A little update, for those who have been wondering why I haven't been posting: Martha and I have decided not to get married. And we're not dating anymore. Our relationship was rocky from the start, and it was hard for us to go from friends to girlfriends. We are still friends, and we're both still here. :)
I've recently gotten a second job, where I work nights on the weekends, so I'm busy during the weekdays and the weekends, and by the time I have some free time to myself, I'm completely exhausted. ^^;
I've been working on a collab with nightpeltstar456 who is an amazing writer! You all should definitely go check out her drawings and stories. We recently did a collab together for a multi-chaptered story, called Reasons. I love writing with her, and she's a funny, talented, and sweet person. You'll love her! :D
Okay, so to the rant part~
As many of you may or may not know, I teach kids from Kindergarten-2nd grade. I LOVE working with children, since they're always so creative and cheer me up. :) I also help out at nursing homes, and I have a second job (which I just recently started working at cause I need money ^^;) as a caretaker of an 85-year-old woman who goes by the name of Mee Mee. She is sweet and loving, and rather intelligent when it comes to working with numbers and letters. The reason why I am taking care of her (7pm-7am on the weekends) is because she has alzheimer's and is too weak to care for herself when her daughter is working.
Mee Mee told me that she loves talking to the "young crowd" (meaning anywhere from 13-30) because they "keep me on my feet," she said. Then she asked me to tell her about younger people, what they're into, what they like. She told me how proud she was of younger people for being so much more independent than they were when she was young.
I swear to God, I broke down in tears.
This woman is sweet and loving. She's funny and smart. She's practically my grandmother now. Thinking of what the "young crowd" is known for now. It infuriates me that I can't think of a SINGLE completely positive thing to tell this woman about people who are considered "young" in this crowd. I swear, the only thing I could think of was Tobuscus, and yet even some of the things he says aren't completely appropriate. 
It's such a disappointment and such an aggravating thing to think of; to try to contemplate. Even now, I can't think of anything "good" that the "young crowd" has done. But that's okay, because I know that even though the status quo for teens isn't being moral and generous, there are good people out there. Just because it's not a fad doesn't mean it's not happening. There are people who volunteer, who stand up to the bullies, who convince their friends that life is worth living, who don't drink and smoke, who aren't obsessed with vanity and lust. There are moral, young people out there, so even if the immoral are in higher numbers than the moral, and even if not every person is a saint, there are still good people who live their lives in such a way that they think about others before themselves. 
Now, I'm so saint, and I'm not saying EVERY person is awful or that every person should change everything about themselves cause I'm so high and mighty. This is my own, personal opinion. If you feel the same way, good. If you do some or all of the things I mentioned that good people do, awesome. If you don't feel the same way and don't do those things, fine. I'm not asking for you to change or for agreement.
Thank you for reading this! :D 
I hope you all have an amazing day! 
Noodles for everyone! :meow:




Apr 21, 2014
9:52 am
Apr 20, 2014
8:08 pm
Apr 20, 2014
11:41 am
Apr 20, 2014
9:05 am
Apr 15, 2014
8:14 pm



Short Stories
Character Stories
OTP Stories
Personal Stories
Up to 3,000 words (roughly 4 or so pages)
Ex:   Forever and Always, Little Wolf (Wolfy/Stephano)Natalie sighed as she logged off of Deviant Art, and glanced at the time. ‘4:52am… great’ She thought sourly, knowing that tomorrow was a school day. She sighed and stalked off to bed. As Natalie slowly fell into the dark, but comforting world of imaginative dreaming, she started to grow a tail and ears. She landed on a patch of grass and looked around. ‘Where the hell am I?’ She questioned herself cautiously.
Then she saw it: the huge castle that seemed like something from the medieval times, the pine trees encasing her, providing no escape, the torches lining up, serving as a path-way to the huge door at the front of the castle. Her eye twitched as she whispered “Amnesia”
Right after she whispered that, bells started ringing from somewhere in the forest, and she heard loud growls and caught a glimpse of something -or someone- breaking down the trees in the forest, slowly approaching her. ‘Fahk this shit!’ She thought as s
  Best Birthday Evar! (For tiffanie7)Tiffanie sighed as she put away the compact she'd been using to examine her hair for the umteenth time that day. She knew that she looked just fine, but was anxious. Today was a very special day, after all. It was the day she was going to meet them. The best of the best. The most famous YouTubers out there-- PewDiePie, Tobuscus, ChaoticMonki, Jacksfilms, and UberHaxorNova. 
A girl finally came out from behind the door and beckoned her inside. This girl's name was Stella. She was, surprisingly, the secretary of Felix Kjellberg, better known as Pewdie, and had been working with him for 3 years now. She led Tiffanie into a room that had a huge half-circle table in it. The middle seat was saved for her. She sat down and looked around as Stella handed her a controller, headset, and a bottle of water. The brunette then left the girl with the 5 gamer guys. To her left was Pewdie and Cry. To her right was Toby, Jack, and Nova. They all smiled and introduced themse
  funntgirl45's Story - Commission - MarkiWadeMark’s POV
   It was so dark and cold in the basement. It always was. I remember how weird it was for me to be in LA, in the warm summer, and contrasting it to Cincinnati’s constantly cold temperatures. Normally, I would have the heater cranked up and be wearing a sweater, while cuddling with Yami on the couch. Well, actually, that’s become less and less of a “normal” thing now.
    Yamimash started changing a few months back, and I have no idea why. It wasn’t an abrupt change, though. It started with him wanting to have sex a little more often, which I was totally fine with, but it slowly increased to him getting angry if I was busy or if I didn't tell him I wasn’t home. After that, he demanded to see my messages to other people on Facebook, YouTube, and my cell phone. I had nothing to hide, so I let him see it, but he only got more angry with me for “flirting”, which he defined as me se
  Shut me up, Stephano (Stephano-x-Pewdiepie)For: Ghiralink123
Character 1: PewDiePie
Character 2: Stephano
Genre 1: Drama
Genre 2: Horror/Romance
Rating: T
Setting: Brennenburg castle.
Word count: 797
Story inspiration: Mindless Self Indulgence - Shut me up
Pewdie had been walking through the halls of the Brennenburg Castle for quite some time now. He was tired, and because of encountering a bro earlier he was a bit roughed up. He had no oil in his lantern, so his sanity had drained down to almost nothing. He turned another corner and bumped into another person. At first he thought it was the bro, and he was about to run, but then he saw the person had oil with him and they looked golden. "St-Stephano?!" He asked, not believing his eyes because he knew how little sanity he had left.
Stephano was about to chew out whoever dared to bump into him. He was looking for Pewdie, but he had no such luck in finding the blonde gamer so far. He was about to turn the corner when something hit him, and right before he opened hi
An Icon and a Stamp
Any kind of icon/stamp: animated, still, colored, etc.
Ex:My new icon~! by OrangeRamen75 FeartheHedgehog101's Icon by OrangeRamen75 OTP Contest Award for Wolf4821 - Boots STAMP (2) by OrangeRamen75 This is an icon by OrangeRamen75 PewdieCry Stamp by OrangeRamen75 


DUSTY DIAMOND PONY RULESSSSSSS!! (Pony O.C from myself and Euphori-art!!)
Wed Apr 23, 2014, 7:51 AM
Mon Mar 10, 2014, 5:48 PM
Mon Mar 10, 2014, 9:23 AM
Yes, yes it is! :XD: And OKAY!!! (I shall join the war efforts!)
Mon Feb 17, 2014, 2:14 PM
Oh, lookie here, it's a shout box. Come on people, let's SHOUT TILL YA CAN'T.(I swear one day I will start a war on accident)
Sun Feb 16, 2014, 6:29 PM
About Fanart custom box background:…
Tue Jan 28, 2014, 11:30 AM
About Us Custom Box Background:…
Tue Jan 28, 2014, 11:29 AM
AHHHH!! MARRIAGE PLANS!!! XD So much shit to do~
Sun Jan 26, 2014, 8:00 PM
Tue Jan 21, 2014, 6:50 PM
Sun Jan 19, 2014, 7:38 AM


OrangeRamen75 has started a donation pool!
673 / 1,000,000,000
I NEED YOUR ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please may you help me reach my goal so that I may do cool things like contests and giveaways?
I am NOT accepting ANY more free requests.
I need points, bros! :( And I HATE to have to do this, but I need people to request stuff and pay points. I got a suggestion for making PA chapters for points, but I would NEVER do that to you bros, cause I'd hate it if someone did that to me.
So, I've been practicing at making icons... I suck so much...
So, here's the BASIC pricing for requests now (I tried to keep it cheap!) :
1 pane- 1 points
2 panes- 3 points
3 panes- 5 points
Anymore panes- Note me, please!
Short Story (PA chapters are roughly 7,500 words) :
Less than 1,000: 3 points
1,000-2,000: 5 points
2,000-3,000: 10 points
3,000+: Note me, please!
Icons (I can't do animated) :
Lettering Only- 1 points
Picture Only- 1 points
Picture and Lettering- 2 points
Anything else - Note me!!
And if you can't afford itthen please note me, and I'm sure we can work SOMETHING out. :)

:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:THANK YOU!!! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

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I'm going to save up five more points for your commissions. One day I'll come and request MarkiWade, one day.
OrangeRamen75 4 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
And I will gladly do it when you do. :D
I won't ever forget the day I got on Deviantart and saw on the front page: "Catching Air Part 1" XD
OrangeRamen75 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Woah, wut?
You have your's set to "Newest"? :meow:
Making another PewDie fan fiction series.…
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